Inspiration & Planning


Professional advice is always a good idea, but there are many things you should think about, understand and plan for, before engaging the services of a professional. For example:

  • Does your city require approval and inspection of your renovation…and which parts?
  • Have you considered environmentally friendly plumbing and lighting options?

Planning should include detailed sketches of your room and renovation ideas for tradespeople. This will avoid costly and timely mistakes. Also, know what you want before you hire a decorator or contractor so your new kitchen or bathroom reflects your preferences, not theirs. Kitchen & Bath Classics can help you understand your  personal style, which is extremely useful when talking to designers and contractors.

Getting Started

Preparation is everything when it comes to a successful renovation. You should know how to accurately measure your room top to bottom, plan in detail where everything should go and/or get some tips on how to best manage your renovation.

Find Your Style
Knowing your own personal style will help you select the perfect accents, fixtures and fitting easily. Here are a few tips on how to discover your decorating preferences:

  1. Take pictures of styles (bedding, clothing, rooms) you like or save images. Once you have a dozen or so, look at them as a whole. What similarities do you see?
  2. Look at the rooms in your home. Have you repeated a style, colour or print? That’s because it makes you feel comfortable.
  3. Do you have a favourite painting or piece of art in your home? Is it trendy or traditional?
  4. What is your personality type? Are you outgoing or quiet in nature? Style preferences usually reflect personality.
  5. What colours inspire you? Make you feel good?

You may find that you have a definite style—traditional or trendy, earthy or ornate—or you like elements from different styles depending on the room.

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